Posts and Talks Elsewhere

I’ve done a lot of stuff in the last half of 2017, but not much of it has made it here. Here’s a roundup of things published/spoken/embroidered/etc in other places:

Also, how about some direct links to software projects?

  • bun, a project for integrating Crowbar tests into cloud-based CI pipelines
  • ppx_deriving_crowbar, an experimental ppx_deriving plugin for automatically deriving generators for use in crowbar
  • ocaml-test-stdlib, Crowbar tests for the Map and Set functors in the OCaml standard library run in Travis CI using bun
  • ocaml-test-omp, a Crowbar test for ocaml-migrate-parsetree using ppx_deriving_crowbar to automatically derive the types in OCaml’s parsetree.mli
  • certify, a three-year-old tool for generating X509 certificates that just saw its proper first release.

Oh yeah, and also a bit of software community service:

A post like this, standing in the doorway of a new year, invites some thoughts about the future as well as the past. I don’t have time for deep thoughts on this (my old cert expires in 18 minutes as of this writing, and I’d like to deploy this post before then), but I hope that in 2018, we can keep taking our time and attention away from those who would profit off of us, and continue making a better world.